We provide whatever garden design service that you require, no matter how brief or extensive your requirements are.

You may only need a one hour consultation to discuss the ideas on how to improve your existing layout and planting, or a Master Plan prepared that illustrates clearly to scale the proposed layout which can be implemented gradually as time and resources allow, or our complete service whereby we design and organise the full construction of your garden in close consultation with you.

To provide the service that best suits our clients, we offer two main forms of service:



To fine tune an existing garden or to gain ideas on the layout of a new garden, many are happy to employ us on an hourly basis to provide verbal advice on site.

Master Plan

This is a drawing that accurately illustrates to scale our recommendations. It clearly shows the suggested layout of your garden including the house, garden beds, lawns, trees, the drive etc. Such a drawing is particularly useful if the garden is to be created gradually as time and resources follow.

Planting Plans

Once the layout of the garden beds is finalised we can fill those beds with an appropriate combination of flowering shrubs and perennials. Such planting schemes are based upon the style of garden you require, ensuring colour and interest for every season of the year and selecting attractive species that are well suited to your existing soil and climate conditions.

Construction Drawing and Specifications

These drawings clearly illustrate and specify how your garden is constructed. Structures such as retaining walls, steps, pergolas and ponds are documented along with details regarding drainage, irrigation and lighting.

Coordination and Supervision

When we have approval of the design we can then organise landscape contractors to implement the design. Quotations for the construction cost can be gained and we can supervise the work to ensure the quality of workmanship is of the highest standard.


To ensure that your investment in your garden is protected, we offer to provide on-going advice on how to keep your garden looking good after construction. Advice regarding pruning, fertilising and watering is provided and we can advise who can assist you in doing the required maintenance.

A generous lawn space forms a 'garden room' defined by flowering trees and garden beds.


This easy-to-use kit is made up of two main parts - the Survey Instructions and the Design Brief Questionnaire.

The Survey Instructions explain clearly how to prepare a plan illustrating all the existing features of your garden area. It is also explains how to take a full photographic record of your property for our reference.

The Design Brief Questionnaire asks all that is important to you about the style, layout and planting of your garden. This enables us to design an appropriate garden, specifically tailored to your needs and aspirations.

The Service Provided

The Garden Design Kit provides all the information that we require to prepare a master plan for your garden, which will illustrate clearly to scale its proposed layout. Upon approval of the master plan, we can then prepare planting schemes, construction details and landscape specifications if required.

This package will provide you with all the information you would require to create the garden of which you have always dreamed. The implementation of the design can be done gradually by you as time and resources allow, or we can organise and supervise a reliable landscape contractor to create your garden for you.

An Australia Wide Service

No matter where you live, we can help you.

During the last three years we have been involved with the design of over 600 gardens throughout Eastern Australia, extending from the coast, onto the tablelands, to the arid outback. You can be confident that we have the experience and expertise to approriately design your garden.

Our srevice has been carefully designed to enable us to assist people without face to face contact. The Garden Design Kit ensures that a professional, personalised service is provided with all correspondence being done via mail, fax, phone or email.

Why Employ a Garden Designer?

Many people have discovered how much precious time and money can be wasted in creating a garden.

We can help prevent this by getting it right the first time and ensuring that your garden quickly reaches its full potential without frustrating mistakes.

Employing a garden designer can also be a very good investment because a well designed garden can significantly increase the value of your property.

The Cost of Your Investment

Upon receiving your completed Garden Design Kit, we shall assess the amount of design work you are requesting of us and then provide a firm quotation for each section of work.

As an example, to prepare a Master Plan for a typical quarter acre block, the cost would be about $3,500. For a larger garden incorporating a tennis court and swimming pool, a fee of about $6,000 may be required.

Such fees represent a saving to you of about $1,000 compared to our standard full design service where we need to cover the cost of on-site meetings, travelling, preparing a survey, etc.

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